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Manufacturer Lesjorfs Springs has Launched Over 200 References this Year

Manufacturer Lesjöfors Springs has Launched Over 200 References this Year

Lesjöfors Springs, the international full-range supplier of standard and bespoke springs as well as wire and strip components. Lesjöfors is also known for being one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of spring products. It has been announced that the company has released more than 200 new coil springs since the start of the year.

It is not surprising that Lesjöfors Springs is widely considered to be the industry leader with the vast range and volume of products that they offer. The company has recently announced that they have introduced the new front and rear coil spring references that can be used in vehicles from 12 different vehicle manufacturers. These different vehicle manufacturers include Audi, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Land Rover, Toyota and VW.

The 200 references that have been manufactured by Lesjöfors cover thousands of different vehicle applications, allowing the company to offer solutions to a range of different customers. All of the applications available for these references can be found in the MAM Software’s Autocat V8 and TecDoc cataloguing. The references are available in this cataloguing system because the spring product manufacturer is an Autocat v8 ‘Certified Supplier’ This means that the Lesjöfors’ product data is referenced against Autocat’s ‘Make Model Index’, or MMI. Being a part of this Index means that Motor factors and workshops can be assured that all Lesjöfors product data included in the Autocat v8 parts catalogue is accurate and kept up to date.

Lesjöfors also works to supply matching quality parts, as shown in the BER 330 and 461. This means that the springs can be fitted into the vehicles without any warranty restrictions being broken. All of Lesjöfors’ springs are produced with superior grade spring steel, at the company’s own factories. This high quality assurance is great for the company and also offers them full control over the availability of each spring product.

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