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LRQA Relaunches Popular Online Tool for Pressure Equipment Manufacturers

LRQA Relaunches Popular Online Tool for Pressure Equipment Manufacturers

When something goes wrong with a piece of pressure equipment such as a boiler, valve, pipework, or gauge, it can cause serious injuries and worse to the people nearby. However, by following the necessary regulations and putting precautions in place, the risks can be minimised.

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)(2014/68/EU) aims to ensure high levels of safety for equipment intended for use in the EU. It applies to the design, manufacture and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies that exceed certain pressure, volume, or nominal diameter thresholds. Each piece of pressure equipment above these thresholds must be assigned a hazard category based on its type, the fluid(s) it will contain, and its pressure and capacity. This categorisation then determines the relevant conformity assessment modules.

It can be a challenge for pressure equipment manufacturers to understand exactly which PED requirements need to be met in order to trade across the EU. To help organisations identify the right route to conformity, leading assurance provider, LRQA, has recently relaunched its PED Category Selector Tool

LRQA’s technical team designed the free tool to help organisations navigate this complex field. With easy-to-use features, simple inputs, and a wealth of information, manufacturers can use the tool to confidently determine PED categories and conformity assessment modules for their pressure equipment. 

LRQA was the first Notified Body to be accredited for the PED and its technical experts have a wealth of experience and sector-specific knowledge so clients can be confident that they understand industry challenges and the logic behind the directive.

The tool is available to download now on desktop, iOS, and Android.For more information, contact the LRQA team.

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