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Janspeed Gets Kitted Out for Performance Exhaust Manufacture

Janspeed Gets Kitted Out for Performance Exhaust Manufacture

Janspeed, a leader in the manufacture of bespoke and performance exhaust systems since 1962, has made significant investment in its tooling capacity and, with it, increased its tube-bending capabilities considerably.

The Salisbury-based company has procured another Elect 80 all-electric CNC machine from follow UK business, BLM Group UK. It follows the procurement of the first as part of a major investment programme, a milestone in this Tier 1 supplier’s history. The expert manufacturer regularly works with the amongst the biggest and most well-known OEMs in the automotive sector and therefore deems being at the cutting-edge of great importance. The CNC machine is said to be at the forefront of performance exhaust manufacture and is the next stage in Janspeed’s ambition to replace all current hydraulic bending machines.

In distinction to hydraulic bending machines, the Elect 80 all-electric CNC machines do not necessitate the same skill level from operatives and, in many respects, operate autonomously. It combines fully electric operation and touch-screen control thus doing away with operational difficulties associated with the use of hydraulic oil. Primarily however, the Elect 80s provide greater energy efficiencies while remaining high-powered and high-functioning – even allowing operatives the additional opportunity to do simulate jobs using the control while the machine bends parts.

The simulation capacity is able to deliver a precise cycle time. Invaluable for quotation purposes, it allows Janspeed to optimise programmes of work prior to the commencement of production. The touch-screen control meanwhile parameters and measurements to be set easily and effectively. Accuracy of course remains crucial and, with the use of absolute encoder, the CNC machines not only better precisions bending of previous models but significant reduce maintenance costs.

Janspeed’s two machines extend its tooling capacity to the reach of stainless steel at various length and up to a diameter of 80mm (beyond the capability of the hydraulic bending machine range). With nine axes of movement and the potential to have up to eight tools in the multi-stack systems, one cycle can complete bends of various sizes on the same tube. That makes possible compounds bends as well as highly complex tube designs.

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