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Increasing Safety with Indexing Locking Bolts and Positioning Bushings with Condition Sensors from norelem

condition sensors

norelem has added locking bolts and positioning bushings with condition sensors to its extensive line of products with condition sensors. They are used to give a constant visualisation of the “health status” of facilities and equipment, and detect signs of abnormalities, reducing material losses and significantly increasing process reliability. With these new, intelligent products, norelem continues to stake its claim as the market pioneer.

The new products are poised to enhance manufacturing processes delivering stability, precision, and reliability. Products with condition sensors support, and position monitoring functionality, such as the norelem locking bolts and positioning bushings, offer a clear advantage.

For locking bolts with condition sensors, the sensor is integrated within the handle of the bolt and is connected to the central machine with a three-core PVC cable. This setup enables the sensor to accurately detect the bolt’s status (locked or pulled) and relay the information to the central machine, facilitating actuation-dependent process control. As a result, the length, height, and positioning of moving components can be finely adjusted, enhancing precision. norelem’s locking pins are available in both steel and stainless-steel variants.

The positioning bushings with condition sensors have a variably adjustable sensor on the bushing. On the models specifically designed for a condition sensor, the user can easily mount a standard inductive sensor with 3mm diameter. The inductive sensor detects the signal and transmits it to the machine control system. the control system then knows, for example, not to start the production cycle until all operating or detent elements are in the correct position. Such electronic condition monitoring is instrumental in format adjustments for packaging machines and aids various other manufacturing processes.

In addition to locking pins and positioning bushings, norelem has developed spring-loaded thrust pieces with condition sensors, and stainless-steel sensors with holders for toggle clamps.

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