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IMTS to Demonstrate Latest in EDM Technology

As technology has improved, it has also become smaller, which has resulted in a growing demand for micro components made by high precision Electrical Discharge Monitoring, EDM technology.

Director of Business Development at GF Machining Solutions LLC, Illinois, says that in terms of finding EDM technology that allows a machine shop to differentiate itself, there is no better place than the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).

IMTS 2016 will run from September 12 to September 17 this year at McCormick Place in Chicago, where visitors will be able to find EDM technology concentrated in the EDM Pavilion, which is found in the middle of the East Building.

Furthermore, companies that demonstrate EDM along with different technologies will be found throughout the show, which will include GF Machining Solutions in the South Building.

Ledvon says that IMTS gives a perfect overview as a machine shop owner will be able to evaluate the whole EDM technology spectrum in one location.

They added that shop owners are in search of high end EDM technology and are looking for customers who give them the challenge of delivering innovative ideas, for example 1 micron accuracy.

Vice President of Exhibitions & Business Development at AMT, Peter R. Eelman says that EDM is no longer a mature technology and that IMTS 2016 will demonstrate the new machines which offer enhanced surface finishes and greater accuracy.

He added that they are particularly gratified to witness the MTConnect communications protocol incorporated into EDM machines that will be on show at the convention.

Both IMTS and AMT played a key role in developing and launching the MTConnect system.

Protocols like MTConnect provide better and faster communications between software controls and devices, while the ability to analyse and monitor more date is translated into tangible benefits, like 1-micron accuracy.

The modern day EDM machine is able to maintain casting at a constant temperature of 20 oC.

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