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HandySCAN 3D Handheld Scanners get an Upgrade

HandySCAN 3D Handheld Scanners get an Upgrade

Creaform have given their flagship metrology grade scanners a complete overhaul meaning they are not only now much more portable but also get the job done faster than before. The HandySCAN which comes in the 300 and 700 varieties are useful when it comes to designing or reverse engineering a component by giving the user a simple way of doing a complete 3D scan.

The entry level HandySCAN 300 weighs in at just eight hundred and fifty grams and measures 122mm x 77mm x 294mm making it an extremely portable piece of kit. The HandySCAN 300 uses 3 laser crosses as its light source to scan an area measuring 225mm x 250mm at a rate of two hundred and five thousand points per second. The lasers are of a class that won’t do damage to human eyes. The HandySCAN 300’s measuring resolution is 0.100mm and can accurately measure to a depth of 0.04mm with 0.02 + 0.100mm volumetric precision. This level of precision can be achieved from a distance of 300mm and to a field depth of 250mm. The HandySCAN 300 is the ideal solution for anything that is between 0.1m and 4m in size.

The HandySCAN 300’s big brother HandySCAN 700 is physically the same size but has a slightly larger 275mm x 250mm scanning area and more than double the scan rate standing at four hundred and eighty thousand points per second. Additionally customers can also expect an increase in volumetric accuracy to 0.02 + 0.06mm with 0.050mm resolution.

Both the HandySCAN units work with Creaform’s own software VXelements to offer a series of different output elements and can be used with software such as Solidworks, NX, Catia, Autodesk Inventor, and PROEngineer via connection with a USB3 port. Included within VXelements is the new VXmodel software that lets the user to plug the generated 3D scan straight into any CAD or 3D printing software system.

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