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Get Your Tooling Challenges Resolved at the MACH 2022 Tooling Clinic


Finding the best solution to new tooling requirements can be a daunting challenge, as can diagnosing current tooling problems. The advantage of the MACH exhibition has always been that a complete range of solutions is available to view all under one roof. But this year, exhibition organiser, the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) has gone a stage further and is sponsoring a special Tooling Clinic, which will attempt to resolve any tooling issues visitors to the exhibition may have.

The Tooling Clinic, being run by the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), will enable visitors to identify the solutions right for them through open discussion of the manufacturing challenges within their tooling applications, cutting strategies, parameter optimisation, virtual machining and other high value manufacturing methodologies and technologies. Visitors can make an appointment to the clinic in advance, highlighting their specific challenges or identifying options from the list of discussion topics. Appointments can be booked at AMRC engineers will draw on their experience and expertise, provide presentations on key discussion areas and signpost visitors to the technology exhibitors who can best address their requirements.

Discussion topics include:

  • Process costing and parameter optimisation
  • Virtual machining for CAM iteration and process optimisation
  • Cutting strategy for thin parts
  • Aluminium, titanium and Inconel best practice
  • Down selection of tooling geometry using virtual machining
  • Use of non-traditional substrates
  • Solutions for aerofoil components – blades, blisks and impellers
  • Focused support for SMEs
  • Tool holding technologies
  • Micro machining
  • Machine tool dynamics
  • Other relevant topics

The AMRC is a network of world-leading research and innovation centres working with manufacturing companies of any size from around the globe. It helps transform industrial and economic performance by making step changes in productivity, increasing competitiveness, developing new products & processes and training.

A wealth of information on tooling options is available to view at MACH 2022, while the ability of subcontractors within the supply chain to service any particular requirements is the subject of The Engineering Supply Chain Show, which runs alongside the main exhibition.

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