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CMZ Acquired a 22,000 M2 Plot For Its New Assembly Plant

new lathe model

CMZ has formalised the purchase of a 22,000 m2 plot in the Aboro district (Berriz Vizcaya) to build a new assembly plant. This area will be the setting for the  manufacture of the new lathe model the company plans to bring to the market  and its technical office is already working flat out on the design. This new  investment joins those made by the manufacturer in the last few years with the  intention of increasing capacity to 1,000 machines a year. The medium-term  objective is to consolidate production of 800 lathes a year.  

New assembly plant in Berriz 

The new industrial space will be built on the plot occupied in the past by the  Mendiguren and Zarraua stamping and pressing plant. The factory aims to become  CMZ’s new hub and, in line with the usual practice in this type of projects, it will be  equipped with the latest technological developments and features. This  investment has taken place to meet the manufacturing requirements for the new lathe model that CMZ intends to bring to the market and to fulfil the goals set out  in the company’s strategic plan. 

Next goal: 1,000 lathes a year 

The investments and actions undertaken recently are aimed at satisfying market  demand and consolidating a significant increase in production capacity. 

This latest incorporation will mean CMZ has 8 plants for lathe production. The  process has been designed so that over 80% of the components for the machines  are made in its own manufacturing ecosystem. This decision facilitates an iron grip  on the process, eliminates import and export costs and enables the use of top  quality components without impacting on the final cost of the machine. 

The plant in Berriz will join the Zaldibar assembly plant and Seuner, in Mallabia.  Meydi, focused on electrical assembly, has finished a thorough renovation of its  facilities. The leap in production will be possible also thanks to increased activity at  the group’s machining plants, like Mecaninor (Elorrio), the new Precitor and  Neoprec. The recently undertaken transfer and extension of Precitor and creation  of Neoprec meet that same need to strengthen our machining muscle. Cafisur, the  group’s industrial boilermaking company, underwent a similar process in 2019 with  a move to the TecnoBahía Industrial Estate where it occupies a total surface area  of 16,000 m2. 

International expansion 

As CMZ confirmed at the end of the last financial year, this year the company is  concentrating its efforts on international expansion. Firstly, it is seeking to  consolidate its presence in Turkey and the United States with the support of the  commercial network thanks to the increase in the number of machines  manufactured for both countries. 

And secondly, with CMZ France, the oldest subsidiary, about to celebrate its  twentieth anniversary, the group is focusing on increasing its production  capabilities. The new assembly plant at Berriz will mean a significant increase in  terms of production and a great leap forward in resources in a company that  continues to champion continuous, sustained growth. 

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