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ISOPOD – The quick-assembly solution for your manufacturing cleanroom

3 ISOPOD options

ISOPOD – The quick-assembly solution for your manufacturing cleanroom : Guardtech Cleanrooms defying limitations of time, space and budget to help firms achieve high-quality controlled environment production

CLEANROOMS and controlled environments play a vital role in any successful manufacturing operation.

 Whether you’re producing Aerospace or Automotive parts, involved with some kind of Medical Device manufacturing or perhaps Pharmaceutical production, setting up a high-quality critical environment, which not only meets all the relevant standards but also caters for a business’ needs, isn’t always that straightforward.

 A turnkey construction cleanroom build will often take months to complete and have a significant impact on a firm’s budget – and that is assuming that they either have an existing space to modify or a new plot on which to build.

 This is where ISOPOD enters the equation – Guardtech’s new concept in modular cleanroom controlled environments, which can be self-assembled and are customisable to best utilise the host room they are installed within. 

 “ISOPOD is essentially a flat-pack cleanroom,” said Guardtech’s Commercial Director Mark Wheeler. “They’re manufactured to the same quality standards, with most of the same components, as any of our high-quality modular cleanrooms, but in a simplified manner that facilitates either quick installation or self-assembly by end users.”

 ISOPODs are customisable, configurable, extendable, can be relocated and are available in hardwall, softwall or hybrid formats – achieving all ISO classifications from 8 through to 5.

 Combining high-quality construction materials with state-of-the-art cleanroom technology, ISOPODs are the perfect solution to upgrading Production environments, R&D applications, Education or Healthcare facilities in a sustainable, practical and cost-effective way.

 They can be reconfigured, relocated, extended and upgraded – growing alongside a business and evolving with its needs. 

 They’re also shipped worldwide for quick and simple self-assembly, supported by full installation instructions and demonstration films – or they can be delivered and installed by Guardtech’s experienced engineers.

 And Mr Wheeler is urging any manufacturing or engineering firm that needs a cleanroom now but is compromised by either time, space or budget to contact his team immediately.

 “If you have a host room of some kind – a space in which you need to continue your operations, but for whatever reason you can’t turn it into a cleanroom – ISOPOD is the solution,” he added. “We’ve helped so many companies in the last year who needed a controlled environment quickly but didn’t have the time or means to actually construct a cleanroom. 

 “It really is as simple as ‘popping up’ your very own quick-assembly critical zone, in whatever space you have available – ensuring that your manufacturing processes aren’t compromised and that you can continue to deliver the services you provide.” 

 For more information on ISOPOD or any other products or services from Guardtech Cleanrooms, call 0330 113 0303 or email

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