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When Selecting T&E Expense Software, Easy Adoption Is Key for Manufacturing


This blog post is part of a series on T&E best practices for manufacturing companies from Certify. You can check out their free eBook on the topic here.

Some finance teams hesitate to switch from manual processes to automated expense management systems because they’re worried about seamless integration and adoption.

This is a valid fear — oftentimes, employees are attached to a process even if it’s not the best solution.

Thankfully, your manufacturing company can choose expense management software that facilitates easy employee adoption. The more user-friendly features that are baked into T&E expense software, the more likely your employees will be enthusiastic about using them.

Look for a product that has these intuitive features, with little need for employee training or reinforcement:

Automated approvals, rejections, and policies

When employees submit T&E expenses that are out of policy, this creates a time-consuming and costly challenge that frustrates both finance teams and employees alike.

A 2019 survey conducted by Certify found that nearly half of organisations reported less than a 75% compliance rate with their T&E policy. Look for a solution with automated rules that drive approvals or rejections to prevent employees from submitting an out-of-policy expense — and saving the finance team plenty of time.

High-quality implementation and support

Make sure to look for a company that offers first-in-class implementation and support, so that you have an account manager to turn to when questions arise. Companies that offer webinars and onboarding sessions will make for a seamless transition for your team (and the employees who make the switch).

A user-friendly mobile app

Remote team coordination and mobile-friendly expense software go hand-in-hand. Your team will appreciate switching from manual to automated when they can submit and receive reimbursement even faster through a convenient mobile app.

Expense submission that auto-populates data

The faster the process, the less likely employees will put off the task of submitting expense reports. Technology like Certify’s auto-populates data from receipts, meaning employees don’t even have to type in most of the information.

This makes T&E expense software adoption more seamless for them, and it saves the finance team time on manually inputted errors.

All of these travel-friendly features make it easier for employees in the manufacturing sector to adopt a new expense software solution, and for finance teams to enforce expense policies.

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