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Want up to 400 Hours of Free Time for You, Yearly?


You could have up to 400 hours of free time, per year. Yes, that is the equivalent of up to 10 labor weeks or 2 and a half months, that you could use for whatever you wanted: family, hobbies, friends, or even, more work.

How? If you can telework, the answer is by saving up to 200 hours of yearly time in commutes, according to the travel time to work in the United States in 2019. If you cannot telework, or when you are working or teleworking, you can increase your productivity from 10% to up to 40% by completely and objectively measuring and viewing your performance ratios, including the complete detail of your losses. That is, again, a minimum of approximately 200 hours of free time per year. And as you probably have already noticed, both factors can combine, reaching up to approximately 400 hours per year.

Sounds exaggerated? Well, those numbers were achieved and exceeded recently in a manufacturer from the UK in only 18 months by using the edinn Open Platform for Digital Transformation. Real magic of the twenty first century.

Therefore, it has been proved that digital transformation with edinn will help you when you are working, whatever you do, and whenever you are. If you cannot telework because you are an “essential” who needs to be in a certain place at a certain time, then you need it to boost your performance. If you cannot telework because your clients or bosses do not allow you as it happens with at least 40% of the supervisors in Australia, then you need it to increase visibility, control and performance, to finally convince them and go for telework.

How does edinn achieve those results? The core elements of the edinn Platform for Digital Transformation are Production Control (Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing Execution System or MES for manufacturers, and Work Management for the rest), Internet of Things (IoT), Optimization via Operational Intelligence (OI), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

All with ease, as all that power could end up becoming, itself, an obstacle for productivity, as it happens to many other technological solutions. This is known as the “plane paradox” because more automated planes require, paradoxically, more training from pilots. The edinn team knew this since the beginning and have been continuously working to reduce the number of buttons, menus, questions, and unnecessary options. The result is big texts, simple and scarce iconized buttons, and continuous guidance for the user on where to click or go next. A solution so simple on the outside, that many users think that other market solutions are more powerful as they are more difficult to use… quite the opposite.


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