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ThingTrax Rollout Vision-based Analytics to Further Strengthen Their Offering for Manufacturing Performance

Working in factory assembling parts in production line.

ThingTrax, the team behind the leading Manufacturing Performance Platform, continue to expand its product offering with the rollout of Vision AI Analytics for Manual Operations.

While the ThingTrax platform already provides industry-leading data capture capabilities for equipment, it is commonly known that most of the activity within a manufacturing operation occurs outside a machine. If we are to truly realise the value of the advancements the 4.0 offers, then we need to capture information, analyse data and surface relevant information from manual operations to facilitate timely, effective decision-making as part of the drive toward a culture of continuous improvement.

Using a video-based system to capture information from the factory floor is an ideal solution as it offers exceptional flexibility in application, allowing a huge range of processes across an equally wide range of industries to be monitored, but there can be a prohibitive cost to implement, both in financial and operational terms.

The ThingTrax platform offers the opportunity for the cost-effective implementation of a vision-based monitoring system, with extremely low friction, without the need for any advanced equipment: Using a webcam or existing camera feed with standard specifications, the system can be trained and implemented in a matter of days. Furthermore, seamless integration with our machine monitoring platform means that your entire workforce can immediately take advantage of this new insight.

The Thingtrax platform is a complete solution designed to enhance all aspects of factory operations by facilitating the engagement of people at every level of the organisation, enabling manufacturers to embrace a high-performance culture so they can implement improvements across the entire business to become more efficient, agile and productive. Go beyond data capture to surface relevant information in real-time and provide actionable insight.


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