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T Cards Online Workflow System: The Smarter Solution to Lean Manufacturing

T Cards Online Workflow System: The Smarter Solution to Lean Manufacturing

T Cards Online : Improving workflow and practices of lean manufacturing continue to accelerate in importance across sectors of the manufacturing and engineering industry. Whilst acquiring the latest machines and tools as well as reconfiguring workspace are both commonplace and successful approaches to this drive, it has most recently been software investment leading the charge. Investing in smart software is the latest way in which to both streamlining operations and radically cut down service times, and T Cards Online, it seems, is the choice method.

Having already developed a tried-and-tested method of manual display card systems used by so many, the industry-leading T Card and T Card systems specialist, T Cards Direct has recently digitalised its capabilities and, in doing so, reinstated its value to existing clients as well as entering new markets.

T Cards Online takes its lead from the previous success of the firm’s T Card Board & Card system. Launched in 2010, the software has yet found new prominence in light of the recent uptake in smart technologies. The software allows users to manage workflow live and boasts a simple interface of drag-and-drop thus proving easy to integrate for even the smallest businesses. Indeed, 6 years on and T Cards Online is now the choice online workflow monitoring system in the UK with a presence across industry sectors.

Kent-based electrical testing firm, HMC Compliance, is one company to express vehement support for the technology. The company provides compliance services to wide range of high profile, public sector clients, including: government departments, facilities management (FM) firms and major blue chip organisations. Despite making use of the previous T Cards systems, it was the arrival of the online version, T Cards Online, that offered the level of sophistication, accuracy and speed needed to best serve its clients.

With T Cards Online, HMC Compliance is able to track the progress of jobs as well as the wider outlook of the business with real-time financial data logged against projected budgetary. From such detailed analysis, the company was then able to allocate and re-allocate work accordingly – improving productivity and, as a result, increasing turnover. Having initially acquired 10 licenses for the use of T Cards Online in July 2015, HMC Compliance has since invested in a further 15 systems and has now rolled out the technology across the entire company.

As a part of the software package, clients are able to stream data on a large touch screen unit which allows for easy and collaborative discussion. All staff, from technicians to directors, are provided a login with which they can view recent or historic activities and payments. As a large storage server, clients can also print and compile reports quickly and easily.

Of course, one of the added benefits of T Cards Direct’s pioneering software is that is wholly accessible online. For businesses that necessitate off site works, it is then of great benefit as operatives can access the server and identify (and report on) jobs outstanding and schedules remotely – providing they have an internet connection.

Streamlining the workload is most certainly the direction in which the industry is heading and, increasingly, remote access servers are the way forward. With T Cards Online, business are invited to participate in this growing trend and enjoy more efficient operations as well as a thoroughly more joined-up service from which companies and customers stand to gain.

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