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Siemens Launches Its Latest Additions

Siemens Launches Its Latest Additions

Siemens, the leading global provider of software solutions, has announced the latest release of Simcenter AmesimTM software, its market-leading 1D mechatronic system simulation platform. This improved version offers a better user experience and better integration in overall design processes.

The addition of Simcenter Webapp Server, Simcenter Embedded Software Designer, Simcenter System Synthesis, and Simcenter Sysdm will facilitate engineers with accurate designs earlier in the development process, accelerating design cycles and resulting in more successful products.

An integrated and scalable system simulation platform, Simcenter Amesim allows users to virtually assess and optimise mechatronic system performance through the design cycle. It supports the functional mockup interface (FMI) and Modelica, and it can be coupled with major CAE, CAD and controls software packages, Simcenter solutions, and Teamcenter software. This release will offer an optimised modelling workflow and an interface that will improve ergonomics and the overall productivity.

It supports the new applications that focus on industry challenges, including fuel economy, pollutant emission reduction, and e-mobility trends. Simcenter Amesim also brings environmental benefits for the automotive industry, as well as new functionalities for aircraft electrification and the aerospace industry.

The release strengthens the Simcenter portfolio and users can now benefit from embedded Simcenter STAR-CCM+ technologies to create more accurate models at early design stages when working on underhood or cabin thermal management applications. Automotive manufacturers can now use the CAD import capabilities for multi-body systems and volumetric pump designs and torsional vibration and engine cooling applications. The aerospace industry can also use it for environmental control, landing, and fuel systems.

This latest release of our system simulation solutions not only brings enhancements aimed at helping our customers design products of the future, it also reinforces integration with other Simcenter solutions to provide a comprehensive simulation and test suite to drive innovation throughout every product development stage, said Jan Leuridan, senior vice president of Simulation and Test Solutions for Siemens PLM Software

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