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PervasID Showcases RFID Capability Examples for Manufacturing

PervasID Showcases RFID Capability Examples for Manufacturing

PervasID, an award-winning RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology provider, has announced the opening of its new Customer Experience Centre in St. John’s Innovation Centre which will showcase uses for RFID in the retail, healthcare and industrial sectors.

The Customer Experience Centre will be aimed at customers, partners, system integrators and prospects to demonstrate the system’s capabilities in real situations and the technology’s 99 percent-plus tag detection accuracy.

The Customer Experience Centre will house all PervasID products, including its latest Multi-Ranger, which combines all PervasID systems, namely Space Ranger (wide-area passive RFID system) Security Ranger (anti-theft RFID system) and Portal Ranger (a doorway RFID system), into a multifunctional reader system that is the first of its kind because it overcomes multiple challenges experienced by retailers and other industries from a single integrated solution.

PervasID’s Space Ranger & Portal Ranger products address several issues facing the industrial sector. Efficient management of parts and tools, for example, is extremely important in manufacturing because their loss or misplacement can be costly from both a time and expenditure perspective The PervasID solution provides not only an audit trail of items used, by whom, but also the essential regulatory safeguard to ensure equipment is not left in site during maintenance. The Customer Experience Centre will demonstrate everything from where densely packed parts can be automatically booked in and out in real time, as well as tracking any asset, that might be lost or misplaced from warehouses.

Dr Sabesan Sithamparanathan, co-founder and CEO of PervasID, comments: “The industrial sector is of huge importance to the UK economy and we understand that the equipment used in manufacturing processes is often business critical. If this equipment goes missing or is misplaced, there is a huge risk to productivity.”

He continues: “The Customer Experience Centre will demonstrate the effectiveness of the PervasID products in an industrial settling and highlight the increase in efficiency, compliance and auditing the equipment.”

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