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New White Paper on Linking MRP to Existing Standalone Systems

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123 Insight Ltd has published a new white paper on linking MRP systems to other standalone systems within manufacturing, detailing some of the benefits that can be achieved.

Entitled ‘Integrating MRP/ERP with other data systems’, it outlines the various different areas that might benefit from exchanging data. These include CAD, CAM, PDM, machine monitoring, intranets, and e-commerce systems.

Linking systems to MRP can resolve many issues in relation to the accuracy of data and the limited visibility when staff have to search multiple systems for information. By either automating the exchange of data between applications or by logging data from external systems within MRP, significant time savings and reductions in errors can be made.

Martin Bailey, Marketing Manager for 123 Insight and author of the white paper said; “This paper aims to stimulate conversations within manufacturing businesses to see where further automation can be achieved by connecting systems together. Even if the data exchange method requires user intervention, such as loading or saving a CSV file, this still removes the manual replication of data and possibility for error. Having information such as external test data available directly within MRP can make tasks such as quality audits much simpler.”

The white paper is one of several published on the website, which are free to read. Companies can also register to attend one of two online event types that allow them to evaluate the 123insight system. Attending companies will also receive a paperback copy of ‘How to implement a manufacturing system’, which documents the best practices and pitfalls when implementing any MRP system, not just 123insight.


View the white paper here:

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