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New Centre Launched in Birmingham

New Centre Launched in Birmingham

A centre thought to be able to help solve some of the most complex problems in manufacturing has just been opened in Birmingham. The Autodesk Technology Centre will be using a unique combination of innovative technology, including tools used by companies such as BMW and GKN Additive.

This facility is a physical manifestation of our aspirations to automate the designing process – it brings it all to life, said Andrew Anagnost, President of Autodesk. It’s also a practical testbed. This is the place where our most innovative ideas collide with the super-harsh teacher of practical reality. It’s where we learn where to turn those ideas into practical, usable solutions and innovations. Now these things are really going to empower our customers to do more, better, with less negative impact on the world, he added.

High-tech customers will be collaborating at the centre, combining new techniques and technologies more than ever before. Now that design and manufacturing are converging, companies will be able to solve advanced manufacturing challenges.

The centre includes tools for everything, from clay milling to generative design for computer controlled manufacturing. The robotic arms will help bring ideas to life, while engineers can benefit from augmented-reality technology and a laboratory where they can view data collected from the machines connected to the system. This way, they can make better design decisions and deliver projects more efficiently.

The Autodesk Technology Centre in Birmingham will be a place for everyone and for all techniques, including generative design, maturing additive manufacturing processes and automation.

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