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Manufacturing Slow to Adopt Cloud-Based Systems

Manufacturing Slow to Adopt Cloud-Based Systems

It is thought that the manufacturing sector is showing a reluctance to adopt cloud computing solutions. If business operations used in the past have resulted in success, then it is easy to see why companies would be reluctant to change, why fix what isn’t broken? When looking at the manufacturing industry it is common to see examples of this reluctance to step away from the familiar and take a lead into the clouds.

However, just because it has worked in the past, doesn’t mean that the business operation is foolproof and indeed futureproof. The lack of advancement in the manufacturing industry can lead to stagnation, and is such a fast paced and constantly changing industry such as manufacturing, this could spell disaster.

Cloud computing is by no means the most recent technology to be implemented by businesses however a number of manufacturers have chosen so far to not adopt the system for their operations. This could pose a risk to businesses, with experts encouraging companies to reallocate cloud systems to higher up on their priority lists.

Manufacturers prefer the familiar, and the thought of operating in the digital sphere could raise some large concerns about security, mainly caused by the remoteness of the cloud. Manufacturers feel that the closer the information storage, the safer it is, however research has shown that in fact the opposite is true. Although there were teething problems with the cloud, the issues that have been raised have been used in order to create a reliable and secure system.

A number of manufacturers that are currently using the cloud feel that this system has formed the foundation of how their business operates now and in the future. However, the companies in this industry have put their reluctance to invest down to the fear that trends will change. Another vital concern for manufacturing companies is the cost of adopting a new technological development into their business operations. Although it is assumed that there would be a high entry cost, cloud software has demonstrated consistently to deliver generous cost savings for a large number of businesses across a wide range of industries.

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