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HTS Dynamics: Manufacturing ERP Success Story


HTS Dynamics is a leading global manufacturing company. It provides critical machining and welding services to the subsea, aerospace and defense industries.

Before deploying SAP Business One, the company searched for an all-in-one solution to manage and control critical business processes, including sales and CRM, purchasing and inventory management.

More importantly, the company required a powerful, yet affordable, solution for the management of materials and key manufacturing processes.

ERP Requirements

The company recognised the need for an advanced, modern solution. It required a scalable system that would accommodate long-term growth. The company searched for a solution that would integrate different departments, and provide detailed reporting and production planning.

Within production, one of the biggest challenges HTS experienced was identifying capacity levels and what resources were available at any one time across the company.

Why SAP Business One

SAP Business One was selected by HTS as a user-friendly manufacturing solution that provided powerful functionality to control production processes alongside key back-office tasks.

Because the ERP solution provides full end-to-end capabilities, HTS was able to remove disparate solutions and integrate different departments into a centralised application.

The solution’s out-of-the-box functionalities also meant that the company did not have to pay for expensive development costs to find a solution that met all of its requirements and priorities.

ERP manufacturing benefits

Since deploying SAP Business One, HTS can access accurate real-time manufacturing data. The information captured within the system helps the company to better understand profit margins, and materials wastage. Production and customer data also helps to better forecast trends to help key stakeholders make more strategic decisions.

Accurate data from machines and item materials has also allowed HTS to optimise production processes to improve outputs. By having total visibility across the business, it is also able to track and identify available resources to improve productivity and order fulfilment.

“It was the simplicity of SAP Business One with the great and advanced manufacturing functionality which became crucial in the selection of the system.” Henning Olsen, IT Manager, HTS Dynamics

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