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Hololight and Taqtile Announce New Partnership

XR streaming

 Hololight, the leading specialist in XR streaming solutions for industrial enterprises, announced a new partnership with Seattle-based Taqtile, a renowned provider of spatial computing work assistance solutions. The partnership will disrupt the landscape of manufacturing and other critical industries by leveraging Taqtiles’ cutting-edge digital work instruction and remote spatial collaboration technologies with Hololight’s powerful XR streaming capability.

As a new member of Hololight’s ISV Partner Program, Taqtile’s flagship product, Manifest, has been integrated into Hololight Hub XR streaming platform to deliver value in industrial settings across work instructions, learning, training, and enablement.

Key use cases will use spatial computing to support equipment setup, inspection, maintenance, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). The partnership will improve inspection and diagnosis, maintenance and repair, operations and task management, remote assistance, safety and certification, and product support for front-line workers and deskless employees across various industries.

By utilizing the Hololight Hub infrastructure, Taqtile users will gain access to a centralized XR streaming platform that simplifies the distribution and management of AR and VR applications. This integration ensures seamless access to Taqtile’s tools, delivering high-quality, secure, and interactive training and support across various devices.

A Unique Value Proposition

Manifest empowers workers by providing access to spatial work instructions, optimizing critical learning, inspection, maintenance, and operational workflows, ensuring expertise is available anytime, anywhere. The platform is device agnostic and supports head-mounted devices, tablets, and web interfaces, ensuring flexible and seamless integration into existing business systems.

Taqtile’s Manifest has already demonstrated significant ROI for various high-profile clients including British Airways, Google, and the US Army, Navy, and Airforce. Performance improvements include reducing technician training time from 3 weeks to 3 days at PBC Linear, eliminating error rates from 92% to 0% at US Air Force 730 AMS, and cutting down task completion times from 2 hours to 40 minutes at PGT Industries. These metrics underscore the effectiveness of Manifest in enhancing accuracy, consistency, and operational efficiency.

Driving Business Value with Immersive Technologies

“Our partnership with Taqtile is the next step in digital work instruction with remote spatial collaboration,” added Florian Haspinger, CEO of Hololight. “Together, we’ll be helping companies to leverage a single platform for training, just-in-time-learning, and on-the-job guidance, helping to guarantee that expertise can be applied anytime, anywhere. We’re helping companies to use spatial computing in the most scalable way possible, focusing on high impact implementations that will quickly demonstrate the highest ROI.”

”The reality is that platforms and equipment are growing in complexity every day, and companies are struggling to maintain proficiency when it comes to equipment setup and maintenance,” added Dirck Schou, CEO of Taqtile. “Managing distributed operations requires flawless interaction between operators and machines, which is the nature of today’s manufacturing, assembly and MRO workflows. The new partnership between Hololight and Taqtile is set to transform spatial computing work assistance, and together, we’ll help enterprises see continuous improvement while increasing quality and avoiding costly mistakes.”

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