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Exalens’ New AI-Powered Solution Aims to Drastically Slash Response Times in Manufacturing


Exalens is set to modernise the manufacturing industry with its ground-breaking AI powered OT Endpoint Detection and Response Solution. This new tool promises to drastically minimise unplanned downtime, delivering substantial cost savings for manufacturers.

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, unplanned downtime can result in significant financial loss. According to recent studies, the average manufacturer grapples with 800 hours of downtime annually, leading to staggering costs. Exalens’ new AI solution directly tackles this pervasive industry issue, enhancing operational efficiency, productivity, and financial performance.

“We’ve leveraged cutting-edge AI technologies to develop an OT Endpoint Detection and Response Solution with a complete picture of network and process endpoint activity that will significantly reduce unplanned downtime, saving manufacturers potentially thousands, if not millions,” says Dr. Ryan Heartfield, CTO of Exalens. “Our ultimate aim is to assist manufacturers in maintaining a smooth, uninterrupted production process.”

The innovative solution applies machine learning and real-time statistical analysis to anticipate potential operational disturbances before they occur, offering machine speed visibility and rapid response capabilities. This proactive approach ensures that any detected anomalies can be addressed promptly, reducing downtime and minimising disruption to manufacturing processes.

Along with pre-emptive measures, the solution offers root cause detection across cyber-physical systems. So, if there is a system fault, machine failure, or cybersecurity threat, the solution will know where the incident occurred along with the connected chain of impacted devices and associated process they are operating in, and as a result, informing Manufacturers’ about how to best resolve the issue. 

“By integrating this AI solution into their operations, manufacturers will gain unparalleled insight into their cyber-physical systems,” added Dr. Heartfield. “The level of visibility and comprehensive incident correlation will redefine how manufacturing companies manage their devices and respond to events that threaten productivity.”

Exalens is poised to reshape the way manufacturers operate in a digitally connected landscape. With a seasoned team comprised of industry veterans from the automotive and cybersecurity realms, and a unique expertise in cyber-physical systems, Exalens is in a prime position to disrupt the market with its innovative AI-driven solution.

Understanding the current and upcoming challenges within the industry for interconnected cyber-physical systems and the skills gap, which has become an increasing pain point for many IIoT businesses as they look to expand and optimise their operations, it is imperative to utilise technology to mitigate these vulnerabilities. Modern manufacturing needs modern solutions to OT detection and response if they want to reduce unplanned downtime and improve efficiency.

About Exalens: 

Exalens is a leading innovator in the field of cyber-physical detection and response for IIoT industries. Their OT EDR AI platform is posed to enhancing operational efficiency for SMEs and large manufacturers that are becoming more connected, automated, and needing solutions to scale operational efficiency. To learn more visit

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