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Data Science for Engineers – Webinar


Data science and AI are game-changing technologies for engineering and manufacturing companies, but who is going to do all the data science?

At Altair, they envision a future where engineers are well equipped to apply data science techniques to derive powerful predictive analysis that transforms the way they operate.

From product design to supply chain optimization, fault prediction to preventative maintenance, demand forecasting to quality assurance – there are a myriad of ways to drive value with data science.

During this webinar session, you will:

  • Learn what AI really means and how it can drive data-driven decisions that increase productivity, profitability, and minimize risk
  • Understand where the AI adoption in manufacturing stands today and why engineers are the key to unlock its potential
  • Discover how low/no-code is the future and why ‘Practical AI’ is needed to empower engineers to champion its success.

Who Should Attend?

This event is perfect for engineering & manufacturing leaders of all levels, in particular:

  • Production & Quality teams within Manufacturing Operations
  • Engineering, CAE & R&D teams
  • Manufacturing Operations – CTO / Digitalization Officer
  • The CDO Circle – Chief Data Officers & Chief Analytics Officers


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