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Balluff’s Guided Changeover Solution Increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (0EE) 

Balluff’s Guided Changeover Solution Increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (0EE) 

Balluff’s Guided Changeover Solution Increases Overall Equipment Effectiveness (0EE)  : Changeover processes on production equipment can take a lot of time, especially if multiple settings and pieces of equipment need to be changed by the operators or maintenance crew. This is often painstaking manual work – which is not only tedious but also prone to errors. 

Balluff have developed a solution which makes format changes simple, fast, and error free, thus increasing your OEE, the Balluff Guided Changeover Solution. It saves you money and can be retrofitted at any time, even on existing systems. So how does it all work? 

With the help of intuitive software, the operator is guided through the process step by step. During the process, the sensor technology immediately reports back whether lengths, widths and heights have been set correctly. RFID technology from Balluff also detects the required change parts and ensures that the correct format part is always used. 

With the Guided Changeover Software, operators can make format adjustments more quickly, which reduces downtimes to a minimum. Time-consuming readjustments are a thing of the past, as are manuals and high training costs. 

In just three steps the Guided Changeover Solution will: 

  • Identify retrofit points 
  • Check position and correct part location
  • Create retrofit instructions
  • Increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Low changeover and ramp-up times 
  • Error prevention and minimization of rejects 
  • Continuous monitoring of changeover points Features 
  • Intuitive step-by-step operator guidance 
  • Easy creation and management of retrofit instructions 
  • Retrofit solution independent of company network or machine control

The Balluff Guided Changeover Solution is supported by the Balluff BDG Digital Position Indicator with intuitive user interface.  This Digital Position Indicator shows you what nominal value needs to be achieved for the format change. When the spindle is turned, you are guided in detail by a LED runlight indicating the direction of rotation required. You can also show the current position on the numeric display. This straightforward user guiding, and accurate setting of the format increases your efficiency. Not only are format changes made faster, the startup time and machine downtimes are significantly reduced. Bottom line: you keep the entire process under control, reduce scrap and save real money. Good to know: the digital position indicator exceeds IP69K standards and is washdown approved, with an intuitive user-friendly interface, helps to increases the flexibility and availability of your machines.

  • Expanded IO-Link functionality using SAMS (Smart Automation and Monitoring System) 
  • Smart features, such as internal temperature and relative humidity monitoring 
  • Avoid errors through simple and easy to read user interface 
  • Easy to integrate via washdown design

Experience automation in action by visiting Balluff on stand F32 during the PPMA exhibition for an exciting live demonstration of Balluff’s Guided Changeover Solution and Digital Position Indicator, and explore their showcased solutions, including Condition Monitoring, Washdown solutions, and Vision. Experience the latest advancements in automation technology firsthand and be part of Balluff’s continued journey to “innovating automation”.

To find out more about Balluff and discover the full potential of automation, visit our website and explore the future of Smart Manufacturing today.  

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