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AMETEK Land Releases Thermal Imaging Processing Software Update

AMETEK Land Releases Thermal Imaging Processing Software Update

AMETEK Land, the world’s leading manufacturer for industrial non-contact temperature measurement, has released a major update of its thermal imaging processing software for the monitoring, analysis, and capture of imager data and control of thermal processes.

From AMETEK Land,IMAGEPro is a trusted Windows-based software system that enables full process monitoring; device management and control; and provides an extensive range of monitoring, analysing, and interfacing tools and options for up to 16 imagers simultaneously.

Building on the proven performance of this software, the all-new Version 2 of IMAGEPro has been significantly modified to improve its accuracy, efficiency, speed, and reliability. It also saves energy by reducing the CPU load, even in extensive thermal imaging installations.

Among the main features added are intelligent time functions and calculations performed online on the live readings of the thermal imagers, providing the most accurate, best-suited data to fully control industrial processes.

The v2 iteration also adds a host of new features, including:

  • Three additional communications interfaces and I/O options
  • Modbus, OPC UA, and TCP/IP
  • Remote monitoring, using standard browser software
  • Extensive analyses, process control, and custom values
  • Intelligent value-time functions
  • Online calculations on readings
  • Digital control of software configurations
  • Thermal imaging video file management and editor
  • Trigger and event management
  • Event-controlled background recording and database management
  • Bidirectional data communication and I/O-management

New high-resolution palettes provide 1,024 colours, and a mouse-controlled split and top button display has been added. Digitally controlled palette switching allows a clear, detailed view of the process and its actual condition, even from remote monitoring or video streaming.

Advanced background correction functionality allows an accurate background calculation based on background temperatures, in-situ temperature readings, or external inputs.

High and low limits allow operators to focus on cold or hot objects within a region of interest (ROI), ensuring that pixels above or below defined limits won’t be used for further calculation.

Manfred Hayk, Global Infrared Product Manager at AMETEK Land, said: “With this major software update, we ensure that the IMAGEPro software remains an extremely comprehensive, future-oriented tool. It forms a major part of innovative thermal imaging systems for intelligent process monitoring and smart control of extensive industrial thermal processes, using a single AMETEK Land thermal imager, or up to 16.”

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