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Advancements Made By Siemens and Bentley Systems

Advancements Made By Siemens and Bentley Systems

A new strategic alliance has been agreed between Siemens and Bentley Systems which drives new business value, assisting in realising the growth opportunities that are available in industry and infrastructure. The two business are aiming to work together in order to accelerate digitalisation and advance project delivery in infrastructure, as well as monitoring how well complimentary business areas are performing.

Integrating digital engineering models is a key focus of this new alliance, and the new developments will prove beneficial not only for the two businesses that are joining forces, but also for the customers. 50 Million Euros will initially be invested into the programme, and it will provide a connected data environment for new cloud services that will in turn merge together models from both Siemens and Bentley Systems.

This move further extends our industry software ecosystem from 2D to 3D software solutions, taking the simulation portfolio in our Digital Enterprise offering to a new dimension, commented Klaus Helmrich, a member of the Managing Board at Siemens AG. We’re rigorously executing our ‘digital twin’ vision from virtual planning to the real product and to the benefit of our customers, who themselves are driving digitalisation across their value chains.

Both business have identified their areas of expertise within the industry and focused on the best opportunities they can work together on, with Energy Management, Power Generation, Building Technology and Mobility chosen as the preferred options. Technology from both companies complements one another, with Bentley’s 3D modelling and structural analysis of assets working well with Siemens’ expertise in electrification and automation.

The advancements will help both companies to push forward rather than just focusing on the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’, and it signals how collaboration in regards to the sharing of technologies can significantly boost the industry and make improvements in the future.

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