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123 Insight Announces Further Online Educational Manufacturing Software Events


123 Insight has announced further dates for their popular online INFO Exchange and Evaluation Workshop educational events up until May 2022. The events are aimed at manufacturers looking to improve business efficiency by streamlining and digitalisation of processes.

There are two event types – the INFO Exchange and the Evaluation Workshop. At 50 minutes, the INFO Exchange gives a taster of what manufacturing software can do for your business, while the 3-hour Evaluation Workshop goes into much more depth about the process of MRP, including three software walkthroughs and a Q&A session at the end. Both are educational in their approach, rather than sales-focused, allowing companies to learn what MRP is and how manufacturing software can allow them to grow significantly with the same administration resources.

Attendees will also receive a free paperback copy of 123 Insight’s book, ‘How to implement a manufacturing system’ by Martin Bailey, covering best practices and pitfalls of implementing any system, not just 123insight. The book takes the reader through the entire MRP selection and implementation process – from assembling the right team in-house, through to migrating your data, the go-live process and how to measure success. It also highlights common mistakes made, and lists many case studies showing the real-world savings that can be achieved with a well-implemented manufacturing system.

Simon Badger, Managing Director, said; “Efficiency is key to the success of any business. Manufacturing companies often start with paper-based or home-grown spreadsheets or databases, and don’t know what the next step is. These events aim to show attendees what manufacturing software, or MRP, is and what it can do for their business in a non-sales environment. They also receive a book that maps out the entire implementation process that can be applied to any MRP system; from initial selection through to go-live and measuring success.”

Attendance is free and interested users can register at

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