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RVmagnetics at the Forefront of Advanced Engineering 2023 with Innovative MicroWire Technology

RVmagnetics at the Forefront of Advanced Engineering 2023 with Innovative MicroWire Technology

RVmagnetics, a pioneer in the field of composite material measurements by sensing from within, is set to gather significant attention at Advanced Engineering 2023, (NEC Birmingham, Nov 1st and 2nd). The event promises to be a hub of innovation, and RVmagnetics will be at the forefront with its cutting-edge MicroWire technology, which contributes to the core of advanced manufacturing and non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions – this is why you may find RV at the Innovation & Sustainability Trail

The world of advanced material and especially composite engineering has been rapidly evolving, and the demand for stronger, lighter, and more durable structures has never been greater. As industries in aerospace, defense, automotive, renewable energy, and construction continue to harness the unique properties of composite materials, RVmagnetics has risen to the occasion. Their MicroWires, which are themselves composite materials, have emerged as a game-changing solution for Non-Destructive Testing, ensuring the structural integrity, safety, and overall effectiveness of composite structures throughout their lifecycle – so what better, concentrated space to see the DEMO of RVmagnetics tech, than the Advanced Engineering? (Stand G174)

RVmagnetics, recognizing the challenges connected with downtime from unnecessary maintenance activities has dedicated a good part of the company focus to the industry, conducting research and technological with partners from various Fortune 500 companies within the space, leading to the development of MicroWires both for process monitoring, as well as SHM during a composite lifetime.

  • MicroWires, with diameters ranging from 3 to 70 µm, have elegant, contactless approach to data collection. As these sensors are passive, they can seamlessly integrate into materials during the manufacturing process, without altering the final product’s design, size, or weight. 
  • With just 1cm of MicroWire sensors, precise data on parameters like pressure, temperature, vibrations, torque, and position can be collected. 
  • This MicroWire tech enables access to otherwise inaccessible physical data, making it a transformative solution for industries represented at AE23 (automotive, aviation, construction, machinery, etc.).

RVmagnetics’ MicroWires manage to overcome challenges like noise interference, temperature fluctuations, visibility issues, and operational costs with their remote monitoring based on magnetic principles, setting them apart from other monitoring systems. During Advanced Engineering 2023, RVmagnetics will provide live demonstrations of their MicroWire technology, showcasing its sensitivity and versatile applications, including in composites, vibrations, and thermal sensitivity at booth G174 – you are invited!

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