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CM Downton Extends Contract with DS Smith Plastics

CM Downton Extends Contract with DS Smith Plastics

It appears that transport and logistics specialist CM Downton is still the number one choice of partner for DS Smith Plastics, after it was confirmed that the contract had been extended for a further two years, meaning that the two companies will have the opportunity to continue growing the strong relationship that has been built up since joining forces in 2014.

This strong relationship is the key reason as to why plastics packaging manufacturer DS Smith Plastics has made the decision to extend the contract, and since the pair have been working together there has been significant service improvements, cost savings and enhanced capabilities for Downton during the two years.

The relationship and track record we have built up with DS Smith Plastics resulted in the extension against strong competition, commented David Hutchings, the Head of Business Development at CM Downton. It’s great for us to support another leading business in Gloucestershire and it demonstrates our ability to devise and implement a flexible solution to meet a demanding customer’s requirements.

As part of the deal, CM Downton work each day on delivering up to ten multi-drop loads of plastic packaging each day from the DS Smith Plastics manufacturing plant in Gloucester, in a service provided to customers from all areas of the UK. A flexible solution is provided through a combination of stand trailers and live loading, and delivery notifications are sent and received by midday each day, with the customer’s receiving products as soon as the following day.

CM Downton has managed to grow into a highly successful company since forming in 1995, with a capacity and scale of a major multi-national logistics provider. Working alongside DS Smith Plastics has only increased Downton’s stature and capabilities, and therefore the news of a two year extension is fantastic for the business!

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