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Cleanpal Delivers Supply Chain Savings for FreshLinc

Cleanpal Delivers Supply Chain Savings for FreshLinc

FreshLinc specialises in the total supply chain management of temperature controlled fresh, chilled and horticultural products. It is a leading service provider throughout the UK and Europe to retailers, producers and importers. Its modern fleet and facilities allow it to deliver cost-effective and customer-driven solutions to meet the needs of its unique clients.

From telematics to digital driver safety monitoring, the company has a reputation for its willingness to deploy new technologies, which promote productivity and safety. One area where FreshLinc has quietly embraced a new technology towards improving operational performance, quality and worker safety has been in the introduction of the Cleanpal plastic pallet from Polymer Logistics. At only 15kg, the hygienic Cleanpal can be readily picked up by one worker, rather than the two employees recommended for handling a heavier wood pallet. The plastic pallet construction eliminates the risk of cuts from exposed nails or bacteria-laden wood splinters, which also pose a physical contamination risk. The reduced debris from the plastic pallet means less time is spent cleaning the warehouse and trailer floors, thus increasing productivity.

The company is also benefitting from reduced product damage thanks to the use of its interlocking tray system in combination with Cleanpal. The system has eliminated the overhang of merchandise beyond the pallet deck, and with it, the associated exposure that often leaves pallets of perishable products subject to damage. Another benefit from the switch to Cleanpal is consistent pallet quality. FreshLinc’s customers have experienced a damage free supply of pallets which ensures time-sensitive perishable products are able to move without avoidable delay or double handling throughout the supply chain.

Cleanpal pallets also offer huge space savings compared to wood pallets when stacked in the warehouse or on the lorry, thanks to their 3:1 nesting ratio. In addition, unlike wood pallets, Cleanpal is RFID capable, providing the opportunity for accurate pallet tracking in the supply chain.

Adrian Dale, Polymer Logistics MD for the UK, said: FreshLinc provides a highly sophisticated approach to supply chain management in the fast-paced temperature controlled supply chain. We are delighted to support their efforts through the provision of Cleanpal, which helps improve the safety, quality and efficiency of their operations.

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