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British Plastic Injection Firm BEC Group Continues to Support Businesses Reshoring to the UK

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BEC Group – a plastic injection moulding and tooling company based on the South Coast are helping businesses large and small to re-shore tooling and moulding projects back to the UK to improve time scales, reduce supply chains and increase control for manufacturers.

Whilst reshoring numbers were increasing prior to 2019, Brexit and the global pandemic have acted as powerful catalysts in speeding up this process. Widespread problems such as complicated and vulnerable supply chains, high rates of quality issues, increased logistical costs and timescales have all intensified over the past 24 months, encouraging many firms to look closer to home for component and project manufacturing solutions.

Outsourcing tooling, moulding, or both overseas may at one time made logistical and commercial, but in the current global climate that may not remain the case. Many UK companies have suffered as a result of their overseas manufacturing over the past 24 months; huge delays due to pandemic district shutdowns, the Suez Canal obstruction and increased bureaucracy leading to yet more setbacks at borders post-Brexit. This coupled with little to no control over the quality of goods produced and limited communications with quality managers makes overseas manufacturing seem less than attractive.

Reshoring projects to the UK with BEC is commercially competitive with the far east (avoiding what are often hidden costs in the process), companies can have total view of their project throughout due to the co-location of our design, tooling and moulding shop. Customers benefit from visiting our facility, improving designs, overseeing production and checking first-offs with our team.

By choosing manufacturers such as BEC, critical parts and delivery of product lines are guaranteed- as well as increased flexibility from small batch to volume and agility surrounding deadlines and delivery.

BEC worked closely with Guru Systems to re-shore their Hub I injection mould tools from China. Once the mould tools were brought to the BEC site, our toolmakers repaired, modified, and manufactured mould casings. Guru were able to make frequent site visits whilst the re-shored tools were trialled in the UK, facilitating sign-off and enabling production to start almost immediately, as well as visiting at key milestones throughout the manufacturing process.

“We were experiencing some issues with an offshore manufacturer, so it was a relief to find a UK manufacturing partner to work alongside to facilitate the reshoring, reviewing and repairing of our Hub I mould tools.  All without hindering supply to market.” Supply Chain Manager, Guru Systems

By using a UK manufacturer like BEC Group to re-shore critical components or entire projects you regain control, improve flexibility through stock management and reduce risks in your supply chain.

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