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Quaker Houghton Hits Annual Targets Ahead of New Sustainability Report

Quaker Houghton Hits Annual Targets Ahead of New Sustainability Report

Quaker Houghton, the global leader in industrial process fluids, has released its 2023 Sustainability Report, detailing the company’s progress toward achieving its 2030 Sustainability Goals. Last year’s milestones included eliminating more than 26,000 metric tons of waste at QH FLUIDCARETM partner locations, increasing its renewable electricity consumption to 71% and establishing a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion taskforce.

Having achieved all 2023 milestones, Quaker Houghton is on track to achieving its 2030 Sustainability Goals, whilst also directly supporting customers in achieving their own sustainability objectives. In recognition of its achievements to date, the business was also recognised with the EcoVadis Silver award in 2023.

Andy Tometich, Chief Executive Officer and President, commented: “In 2023, we continued to advance our sustainability initiatives, making targeted investments to strengthen the foundation of our integrated strategy. The achievement of our 2023 milestones and the EcoVadis Silver Award are clear indications of the progress we are making towards our 2030 Sustainability Goals.  I am proud of the momentum we have built and the unwavering commitment to unlock our potential and positively impact the future of our company, our people, and our communities.”

Quaker Houghton’s sustainability strategy is defined through its dedication to See BeyondTM – a unique strategy based on four key pillars: Innovating Together for a Better Tomorrow, Protecting Our Planet, Empowering our Colleagues and Communities, and Sourcing Our Materials Responsibly. Through its See BeyondTM initiative, the business details how its products deliver on sustainability, unlocking the potential for businesses around the world to enhance their own sustainability efforts, including both reducing the use of mineral oils in their operations and focusing on reducing consumption, waste and human health hazards.

As a leader in industrial process fluid solutions, Quaker Houghton remains dedicated to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. The release of the 2023 Sustainability Report underscores the company’s commitment to fostering a more sustainable and resilient future for all, providing stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the organisation’s performance against targets, from reducing greenhouse gas emissions to promoting circular economy principles.

To read the full 2023 Sustainability Report from Quaker Houghton, visit:

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