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Chemical Engineers are Making Impressive Advancements in Reducing Pollution

Chemical Engineers are Making Impressive Advancements in Aiding Pollution

Everyone appears to be under the impression that environmental pollution is a relatively new concept, while the reality remains that man started polluting the environment ever since he started using fire. However we are now more aware than ever of the major implications of pollution and chemical engineers are at a constant battle on how we can try to reverse the damage we have caused. Awareness is being created to promote smart technologies using chemical energy and materials by utilizing our own resources efficiently.

Many countries have started using bio-ethanol in various appreciations. H2 (Hydrogen) can be effectively made from renewable sources and is now being created as an Eco friendly resource. Chemical engineers have also created a thermo-chemical technology: SR (endothermic steam reforming) which involves the extraction of hydrogen atoms to create a high hydrogen yield. However there are complications with this method as engineers have found this type of energy links to a CO2 (carbon dioxide) imbalance. It is becoming increasingly important to develop a new technology and alternative process that replaces CO2 emission fuels.

New technologies are cropping up all over the world in aim to aid the battle against human and pollution. French scientists have developed a successful and smart energy which uses nano oxyhydride catalysts to create hydrogen from ethanol at as little as 50 degrees Celsius with no need for extra heating. While advanced functionalist Mg2AIniXHZOY nano-oxyhydrides ex-hydrotalcites for hydrogen production from oxidative steam reforming of ethanol are taking huge leaps up the scientific ladder to aid environmental issues. This year promises to be one of excitement in engineering advancement surrounding environmental issues.

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