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Cambridge Manufacturer to Open New Production Facility

Cambridge Manufacturer to Open New Production Facility

A historic manufacturer of equipment for hazardous and dangerous environments based in Cambridge has opened a new production site to produce nuclear waste containers.

Tracing its roots back to the late 1800s, Stainless Metalcraft operates under the energy and medical division of listed group Avingtrans.

Last year, the firm was awarded a £47 million contract to provide waste storage containers to Sellafield, a nuclear waste site in Cumbria.

Metalcraft has now finished the development of a 17,000 sq ft production site in Chatteris, with potential to expand the site to almost 35,000 sq ft as demand rises. As part of the scheme, the company has also invested £2 million to purchase plant and equipment tools for the site.

The three-metre cubed boxes are said to be an “essential component” of Sellafield’s decommissioning programme.

Managing director of Stainless Metalcraft and Avingtrans’ energy and medical division, Austen Adams, commented: “The decommissioning of the UK’s nuclear legacy is a challenging task, and we’re delighted that Sellafield recognised the specialist skills that we offer here in the Fens.

“Opening the new facility is a real landmark in delivering this important contract and was a significant challenge as construction works – including strengthening foundations to support the heavy machine tools required – had to go on alongside existing operations.”

Last month, Stainless Metalcraft gave out grants to local organisations through a community fund.

The new fund will make grants of up to £500 to local, not-for-profit organisations, including community groups, sports clubs and charities.

Austen Adams, managing director of Stainless Metalcraft, said: Like many businesses, we receive requests from local groups to support their activities, be that via financial donations, time or other support in kind.

We know the positive impact that support from the local community has on a business so we decided that, rather than managing requests on an ad hoc basis, we’d commit to making a more regular donation with the launch of this new fund.


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