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Atlas Copco Introduces the DZS A Series – Next-Generation Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps 

Atlas Copco Introduces the DZS A Series – Next-Generation Dry Claw Vacuum Pumps 

Atlas Copco, a leading provider of innovative vacuum  technology solutions announces its next generation of dry claw vacuum pumps – the DZS  A series. This new series sets a benchmark for performance, efficiency, and reliability. 

Designed with the evolving needs of manufacturing industries in mind, the DZS A series  offers significant advantages. Leveraging the latest in German engineering and cutting edge machining, these dry claw vacuum pumps deliver exceptional performance, energy  efficiency, and superior product quality.  

Available in fixed and variable speed variants 

The DZS 065-300A series is engineered to deliver superior vacuum performance, with  high pumping speeds and deep ultimate vacuum levels. These dry claw vacuum pumps  offer substantial energy savings, resulting in reduced operating costs and a smaller carbon  footprint. 

The DZS 100-400 VSD+A series are equipped with a Variable Speed Drive helping  achieve increased productivity due to the pressure set point control. These compact  machines with a small footprint deliver high reliability through a rugged and robust  design. 

Pamela Cateland, Marketing Manager Atlas Copco Vacuum West, commented, “We are  thrilled to present the DZS 065-300A and DZS 100-400 VSD+A series, the next step in  the evolution of our dry mono claw vacuum pumps. With our focus on providing value,  

this second-generation series showcases our dedication to continuous improvement. With  the improved performance, reliability, and lower noise levels, this series brings  tremendous value to our customers.” 

With a focus on continuous improvement, the DZS A series incorporates design  enhancements that improve its capabilities. Key improvements include:

Enhanced Performance 

The DZS 065-300A series delivers higher pumping speeds, enabling faster processes and  increased productivity. With its improved performance, customers can expect to achieve  higher throughput and meet demanding production requirements. 

Lower Noise Levels 

Understanding the importance of a quiet working environment, this latest range of pumps  features a redesigned silencer. The result is significantly reduced noise levels, creating a  more comfortable workplace for operators while maintaining vacuum performance. 

Improved Reliability 

By lowering the internal temperature of the pump, this series improves on durability by  increasing the pump’s lifespan, reducing downtime and maintenance costs, and providing  customers with peace of mind. 

Smart Kit 

The Smart Kit prevents the vacuum pump from overheating when running at ultimate  vacuum. This innovation, which replaces the traditional vacuum relief valve, results in  better efficiency and suction flow. 

Simplified Maintenance 

Atlas Copco’s commitment to customer convenience is evident in the DZS 065-300A  Series with an emphasis on ease of service and on-site maintenance. 

“Our team of engineers have worked diligently to develop a pump that meets the evolving  needs of our customers, while also addressing the global demand for energy efficiency  and sustainability. The DZS A series is a significant advancement in dry claw vacuum  pump technology.”, said Ahmed Elshaffie, Product Manager Dry Pumps West, Atlas  Copco Vacuum. “The versatility of these pumps makes it suitable for a wide range of industries including packaging, food processing, woodworking, printing and plastics.”,  continued Ahmed. 

In addition to key engineering advancements, the DZS 065-300A  

series offers numerous benefits to customers, including: 

• Cost savings – reduced energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs  and improved cost-effectiveness. 

• Reliable operation – robust design for consistent performance even in challenging  conditions. 

• Ease of integration – compact and space-saving design for easy installation and  integration into existing systems. 

• Contaminant handling capability – efficient handling of contaminants, ensuring  reliable and clean vacuum processes. 

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