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Stratasys to Demonstrate Latest 3D Printing Solutions at TCT Show 2016

Stratasys to Demonstrate Latest 3D Printing Solutions at TCT Show 2016

Stratasys will demonstrate its latest 3D printing solutions at this year’s TCT Show as the company highlights its latest additive manufacturing solutions to optimise product development.

A host of real life examples will be on show from a wide range of industries, showing how Stratasys’ proven FDM and Poly Jet technologies are significantly cutting costs and time for leading manufacturers throughout the world.

Visitors to the show will hear how Stratasys customers including Opel, Trek, Unilever, BMW and Airbus, and more, are disrupting traditional manufacturing and design processes – from prototyping to tooling, through injection moulding and final part production – enabling them to become more productive, efficient and profitable.

Stratasys’ recently launched J750 3D Printer will be making its debut at TCT 2016, which is the only full colour, multi material 3D printer in the world.

The J750 3D Printer delivers supreme versatility, with the ability to produce prototypes, as well as fixtures, jigs, moulds, tooling and more – all from the same system.

Its unique 3D printing capabilities mean that for the first time users can combine full colour gradients with an unprecedented range of materials to achieve the most realistic parts in the industry – easily and without post-processing.

Eliminating several design processes in one simultaneous print, product designers, manufacturers and service bureaus can make near instantaneous decision-making to accelerate product development.

Stratasys’ Fortus 3D Printer will be running live on the stand to showcase the power of FDM within production.

With a wide selection of real-engineering thermoplastics, the Fortus-line of 3D printers has become a key part of the manufacturing process for many of the world’s leading manufacturers, reducing production costs, slashing lead times and streamlining supply chain workflows.

Visitors to this year’s show will also be able to see The University of Warwick’s 3D printed submarine on the stand, which features significant FDM production parts.

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