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Roboze Select Europac 3D as UK Partner

Roboze Select Europac 3D as UK Partner

Roboze, an Italian Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printer manufacturer which specialises in the production of advanced thermoplastic polymers, has selected Europac3D as their exclusive distributor for the UK. The agreement extends Europac 3D’s strategy to be a one stop shop for all 3D printing, scanning and design needs.

The unique Roboze proposition allows their machines to meet the challenging demands of the aerospace and  autosport industries by producing parts in technopolymers that have high thermal and mechanical resistance such as Carbon Peek, Peek and Ultem. The production of these parts is realised throught the conception of the HVP (High Viscosity Polymers) extruder, a made-in-Italy high-tech instrument designed for difficult-to-extrude high viscosity polymers.

The Roboze machines also have  a unique beltless printing system for use in high performance engineering sectors. By eliminating the belts, and introducing a direct mechatronic movement of the X and Y axes entrusted to hardened steel rack and pinion, the company has achieved real work precision. With its patented Beltless System, Roboze technology delivers unprecedented 25-micron precision levels that guarantee high performance solutions across the board.  

Roboze machines can 3d print in a range of high temperature performance thermoplastic polymers allowing the parts to display a high degree of accuracy and durability.  The parts produced are versatile and can hold up in the most hostile environments to meet and surpass the demands of various sectors that require such high precision and performance parts.

Alessio Lorusso, CEO & Founder of Roboze, comments: “Our mission is to provide market-leading professional 3D printers with FFF technology for extreme industrial applications. It is through continuous product innovation that we are able to create tangible competitive advantages in terms of precision, flexibility, personalization and convenience for our end customers. It is these strengths that separate Roboze from our competition, and we are pleased to be working with Europac 3D to provide open, integrated solutions that improve the productivity of our customers in the UK.”

John Beckett, Managing Director of Europac 3D, comments; “Roboze is proven to meet the industrial needs in the Oil & Gas, Automotive, Motorsport, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Defense sectors. We are delighted to be joining forces with this team of visionaries and to have been selected as their exclusive distributor here in the UK. We look forward to introducing their professional 3D printers and materials to our growing customer base.”

Europac 3D, headquartered in state-of-the-art facilities in Cheshire, offers a full spectrum of services from the supply of cutting-edge scanners, printers and accessories to installation, maintenance and training of staff in the usage of 3D hardware and software.  

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