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Realising The Potential Of Additive Manufacturing

Graphite Additive Manufacturing

Graphite Additive Manufacturing Ltd is an industry-leading 3D printing consultancy that specialises in building complex designs and high-performance components in tailored materials.

Graphite Additive Manufacturing leads the way with beautifully engineered 3D printing. From its roots in Formula One, it continues to push the boundaries of Additive Manufacturing technology and materials. Graphite AM leverages an unrivalled combination of experience and expertise to work closely with clients to find solutions to the most challenging engineering problems. 

Under the direction of founder and MD Kevin Lambourne, former head of Rapid Prototyping at Redbull Racing, the company possesses a highly skilled team who are able to offer advice for material selection and mechanical design to get the most out of additive manufactured technology. In doing so, Graphite AM has established a strong reputation for meeting client expectations through quality, informed technical support, and prompt and efficient service. Indeed, the company prides itself on taking care of all stages of production, from machine set-up all the way through to packaging.

Recognised for its attention to detail, accuracy and quality of the finished part, Graphite AM has a successful track record of providing parts to the UK’s motorsport teams, automotive and aerospace industries and an ever-expanding range of other sectors who seek the advantages of additive manufacturing technologies for demanding applications. Offering part sizes from very small and intricate aerospace R&D components to large automotive interior assemblies, Graphite AM caters for everything from a one-off prototype to large scale production of parts.

Graphite Additive Manufacturing for Langen
Working with Langen Motorcycles since 2021

Moreover, the company is distinguished by the fact it doesn’t just build parts and prototypes. It is constantly working to develop industry-leading expertise in plastic 3D printing technologies and materials. As engineers themselves, Graphite AM collaborates with engineers, model makers, industrial designers and product designers to test concepts, improve designs, cut production costs and solve complex design challenges.

Central to this is advising its clients on how to adapt their designs to maximise the strength, weight or cost-saving gains that 3D printing can offer them. Graphite AM also sets out to tailor materials so that clients can be certain that their parts will be fit for purpose.

Langen Motorcycles, which it has been working with since 2021, is one such client that has benefitted from Graphite’s capabilities. The client designs and builds individually crafted, ultra-lightweight motorcycles. It chose Graphite AM to additively manufacture production parts for its British built bike. 

Graphite AM’s capabilities enable clients in many different industries to build parts and products without needing to invest in tooling, die casting, setting up traditional manufacturing systems or machining. The potential of 3D printing to add complexity or lower part count can make this route even more cost effective.

With the prototypes for Langen, it would have been cheaper and easier to produce for form and fitment only. Instead, Graphite AM chose to produce them in a material that was production grade. This allowed Langen to use them as prototypes, and check if the strength and finish would meet their high standards for the production. The components needed to be black, smooth and waterproof. PA12 was chosen with the firm’s graphite finish. Vapour smoothing was then applied as a final step.

Graphite AM continues to go from strength to strength, building new relationships with clients across a diverse range of sectors alongside its solutions for those it has a long and enduring track record with. It’s clear that the Aylesbury based company is leading the way as a 3D printing consultancy specialising in building complex designs and high-performance components in tailored materials.

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