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Five Most Futuristic Pieces of Technology on the Verge of Having

Five Most Futuristic Pieces of Technology on the Verge of Having

At some point in their life everyone has wanted a jet pack, teleporter or hoover board, but nothing more than a concept has existed until now, here are five of the five most futuristic pieces of technology that we are on the verge of having.

The first creation you could be seeing very soon are jetpacks, Jet Pack International have been making leaps and bounds towards an actual functioning jetpack. Currently they are testing their H202 model which is a hydrogen powered jetpack that could allow you to fly up to 250feet at 77 miles per hour. The jet packs are not available for commercial sale however is you have £80,000 you can assemble one yourself.

The second technological advancement would be the TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit), this is essentially the closet thing we can get to an Iron Man suit. The aim is to provide soldiers with more versatile and mobile protection, currently prototypes have been made and a goal has been set to begin testing in 2018.

The third item is a Titan Arm, a university in Pennsylvania is working on an exoskeleton upper body that would give the user super human strength. The arm is aimed to help rehabilitate people who have suffered terrible arm injuries of strokes as well as also helping people who lift heavy objects for a living. The developers won funding in 2013 and currently prototypes are being 3D printed.

The fourth idea is 3D printed food, a German company Biozoon it using a 3D-printable powder mixture that will solidify when being printed but will also melt when being eaten. This technology is intended for patients who have dysphagia or are unable to swallow, you can add colouring and texturizers to the food to give them more substance and to make them more appealing.

The fifth product is for those tech head and it is High Power Wireless Charging, currently wireless charging is done through a pad however the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology is working on a way to do it from a distance. Their Dipole Coil Resonant System prototype can charge devices up to 15 feet away.

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