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Ego Corsa’s Updated 3D Printed Fairing

Ego Corsa's Updated 3D Printed Fairing

At the last series of tests carried on at the road to the first edition of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, the 2019 Ego Corsa prototype was on track with a new 3D printed fairing with improved aerodynamics.

The 3D printed fairing was manufactured by CRP Technology via Laser Sintering using Windform XT 2.0 Carbon-fiber reinforced composite material.

“We have had the fairing available in short time,” said the Energica technical staff. “Thanks to the professional 3D printing and CRP Technology’s Windform composite materials, it is possible to modify motorcycle components – even large ones – from one race to the next ones, in order to test different solutions directly on the track.”

“This fairing”, the Energica technical staff added, “is not only more aerodynamic, but it also has a smaller frontal and lateral section. These improvements led to achieve increase in terms of performance and they led to achieve greater manageability in fast corners. The Windform XT 2.0 has once again proved to be a high performance composite material. We are very happy how the 3D printed new fairing behaved during the tests.”

The road to the 2019 FIM Enel MotoETM World Cup has been busy this summer, with the Energica Ego Corsa undergoing an intense schedule of testing at the MotoGP venues, but also away from prying eyes.

Earlier this year, the 2019 version of the all-electric Superbike machine by Energica began an extensive developmental programme. Since the end of March 2018 the Energica Ego Corsa has completed an average of 60 laps per day, covering a total distance of 4000km. These impressive numbers show the ultimate commitment of Energica to this new, exciting chapter of two-wheeled motorsport.

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