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DuPont Performance Materials Revealed New Plans to Participate in 3D Printing

DuPont Performance Materials Revealed New Plans to Participate in 3D Printing

DuPont Performance Materials Has revealed plans to participate in the industry of 3D printing. The company revealed its intentions at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference. The Performance Materials company presented new high-performance materials in filament forms. The trademarked DuPont thermoplastic elastomers, nylons and ionomers is building on the decades of use of the products that have now been adapted for 3D printing.

DuPont’s Hytrel® thermoplastic elastomers, Zytel® nylons and Surlyn® ionomers should be able to offer these in 3D printing the opportunity to use a light weight product which will enable a greater amount of design freedom as well as a reduction in development cycles. As well as a variety of different features, the new products will allow for faster prototyping as well as the ability for part production and mass customization. The business Development leader of DuPont Performance Materials, Rahul Kasat will be speaking about the high-performance materials manufactured by DuPont toady March 22nd between 3:30pm and 4:00pm.

These new filament-based products into DuPont’s existing portfolio will allow the business to progress into the 3D printing market as well as manufacturing a product that has allowed the advancement within the 3D printing industry. The products will be able to help when prototyping and manufacturing as the 3D printing sector continues to develop end grow.

3D printing is used across many different industries and as the technology develops it will only continue to be adopted by more and more industries.

Du Pont Performance Materials has been working on producing thermoplastics, elastomers and renewably-sourced polymers in the manufacturing of high performance parts and shapes. DuPont also creates resins that can be utilized as adhesives, sealants and modifiers. DuPont is connected to a globally linked network of regional application and development experts. The company also works with their customers in order to offer innovative solutions for the automotive, packaging, construction and consumer goods industries.

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