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A Company Has 3D Printed A House In Under 24 Hours!

A Company Has 3D Printed A House In Under 24 Hours!

A san Francisco based company has developed an exceedingly affordable solution for building new houses via 3D printing concrete walls for a house of approximately 400ft wide in under 24 hours. The company Apis Cor have taken 3D printing to the next stage by openly declaring the potential that can come from the equipment which is already used on such a regular basis.

They created a test home on a site in Russia to watch their theory of the 3D home unfold. The 3D printer which in this circumstance resembles a small crane rather than the standard printer creates a concrete mixture than can last up to a staggering 175 years. Once the walls have been successfully printed the printer is removed, making way for contractors to install insulation, windows, general appliances and of course a roof. It has not been made clear yet as to whether the finished product took 24 hours or if this was the printing of the walls alone but either way this is a modern manufacturing achievement.

The company has declared they can build and furnish these small cosy houses for as little as $10,000 (approximately £8,000) with the windows being the most expensive component of the development. Meaning this could be a step forward for people who feel they cannot get on the property ladder. Not only is this shaping the manufacturing and architectural world, these houses are so efficient and cheap compared to alternatives that they could aid the way we deal with crisis. These 3D printed houses could help to quickly re home those affected by natural disasters such as tsunamis, or where there are housing shortage crisis’s in cities. This is the first step in a long list of advancements in relation to the 3D home.

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