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AME-3D Announcement

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AME-3D Announcement : New 3D Printing for Manufacturing Brand Powers Up with £750,000 investment 

AME-3D, the new brand championing 3D printing for manufacturing and low volume production, has launched thanks to product development consultancy and parent company, AME Group, securing an impressive £750,000 investment from Northern Powerhouse-backed company, NPIF-Mercia Equity Finance. 

This is the first major investment in AME Group’s over 20-year history and enables the company to implement key growth plans, which also include hiring 10 new staff, acquiring new equipment and launching two new brands. 

The first new brand, AME-3D, focuses on providing 3D printing, production, and prototyping services to UK businesses of all sizes including start-ups, SMEs and blue-chip companies. It will also expand into low volume production, and direct manufacturing with dropshipping services to empower UK companies to unlock the full potential of these highly versatile technologies. 

AME Group Founder, now Finance Director, Ian Jones said:  

“New technologies such as 3D printing have opened up new possibilities in product development and testing. As a result, the rapid prototyping market is expanding year-on-year.  

With the new AME-3D brand fully dedicated to unlocking the potential that 3D printing and low volume production offers, our team can support UK businesses with longer-term growth and with their post-Covid bounce-back plans.”  

Back in the nineties AME used wax-based additive manufacturing machines to create tools for casting, before adding other 3D printing equipment to offer SLA, SLS, vacuum casting and RIM casting capabilities. Early hires included Lee Taylor as Production Manager, and Keith Hadfield as Casting Technician, who played key roles in securing the new investment and launching AME-3D.

Maurice Disasi of Mercia added:  

“AME has performed strongly since its inception and established itself as one of the leaders in its field. As the company embarks on a new period of growth, this funding will enable it to take advantage of the exciting opportunities in the rapid prototyping market and to widen its customer base.” 

AME-3D will combine the technological abilities of 3D printing and low volume production with the well-earned skills and craftsmanship the company’s Product Development Team has accrued over 20 years. This blend of experience and technology creates high-quality parts, prototypes and even end-use physical products. The team is well-versed in using and post-processing a variety of different materials, which offers product designers and engineers the flexibility and confidence to build functionally advanced mechanical components and aesthetically superior form, fit and function prototypes. 

Managing Director, Richard Proctor commented: 

“While similar services exist, AME-3D’s hard-earned skill and finely tuned craftsmanship can’t be replicated. Our early hires like Lee Taylor and Keith Hadfield have been honing their skills in 3D printing, model making, product finishes and low volume production since AME’s beginning. They’ve selected and trained the team up based on product and model related skills, overall technical abilities and the willingness to learn and build on existing skills.”

The £750,000 investment from MPIF-Mercia Equity Finance enables the Product Development Team to branch out on their own with a new identity and a new brand that’s 100% focused on supporting UK businesses to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing services.

Previously, 3D printing was viewed as only having a role to play within the prototyping section of a product’s lifecycle. However, new opportunities to utilise 3D printing for manufacturing and low volume production throughout the supply chain are growing day by day. The pandemic has accelerated interest in reshoring and in securing robust part production plans. The new AME-3D brand is here to support these UK manufacturers and business owners to create strong and resilient supply chains without having to invest in machinery or be wary of investment risks. 

To find out more about how the 3D Printing and Low Volume Production Powerhouse, AME-3D, can help your business, visit the new website here:  

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