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3DGBIRE Becomes HP Partner and Starts Distributing Its Products

3DGBIRE Becomes HP Partner and Starts Distributing Its Products

3DGBIRE will distribute HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200, 5210 & 5210 Pro 3D Printing Solutions from November 2021 across the UK and Ireland. HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology can unlock new possibilities that complement CNC, injection molding, as well as advanced additive manufacturing and powder based technologies.

Unlike other 3D printing technologies, HP MJF technology prints each layer of new material and agents on top of a previous layer that is still molten – so that both layers fuse completely – delivering strong, quality, detailed, and functional 3D printed parts. The MJF print bed fusion technology allows for the production of accurate, functional prototypes and final parts. In addition, HP MJF is a technology that does not require support structures.

“HP Multi Jet Fusion technology offers new customers different techniques in producing models. It is great for any industrial applications due to its capability to materials. We can now help our customers achieve higher quality industrial parts,” said General Manager at 3DGBIRE Daniel Abram.

3DGBIRE are delighted to add these HP 3D printing solutions to an ever expanding portfolio of groundbreaking 3D printing technologies. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with every possible solution to their Additive Manufacturing requirements and this new relationship diversifies the 3DGBIRE product range further than ever before, allowing customers new and exciting 3D capabilities and results, which were previously unattainable.

HP is moving full speed ahead with its 3D printing strategy. Since its first foray into Additive Manufacturing in 2016, the company has launched multiple polymer 3D printing solutions and more recently, introduced HP Metal Jet 3D printing solution.

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