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Milano Teleport Is Using Newtec


Newtec, a specialist in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications, has announced that global telecommunications provider Milano Teleport is using its Newtec Dialog® multiservice platform in order to enrich its services for the maritime market.

Milano Teleport is mainly using two types of Newtec modems depending on the throughput required – Newtec’s MDM33xx and the MDM5000 Satellite Modem series. A number of vessels are already in service, with Milano Teleport seeing significantly reduced Operational Expenditure (OpEx) as a result of the Newtec Dialog hub located at its teleport in Italy.

“As a globally recognized telecommunications and Internet provider, remaining customer-centric and meeting the specific needs of each market we operate in is at the top of our agenda,” said Luca Massaro, Chief Technology Officer at Milano Teleport.

“We chose Newtec Dialog due to the capabilities it brings to our maritime portfolio such as very high data rates and increased efficiency which enables us to serve our most demanding customers very cost-effectively. Thanks to Newtec’s modems and its Mx-DMA® bandwidth allocation technology, we can deliver improved bandwidth utilization with the highest level of efficiency to ensure our customers continuously enjoy on-board connectivity at all times,” he continued.

Newtec Dialog features the award-winning return link technology Mx-DMA, which delivers the efficiency of SCPC with the dynamic bandwidth allocation of MF-TDMA. This enables the operator to expand customers’ capacity as and when required, ensuring best-cost performance, bandwidth efficiency and reliability of services. The platform combines this with sophisticated mobility functionality including unique flexibility to manage beam switching in a global network.

Milano Teleport is also taking advantage of the multiservice capability Newtec Dialog brings. In addition to offering maritime services over the infrastructure, it is using the same Newtec Dialog hub to deliver broadband connectivity services in Africa. Newtec’s certified business partner Diem Technologies was also involved in the project, especially in the project planning phase and to support the distribution.

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