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New Factory Expected to be Built at a Railway Site in Sandwell

New Factory Expected to be Built at a Railway Site in Sandwell

A new factory is to be built at a railway site in Sandwell. The factory will be constructed in order to supply sleepers for the rail network around Britain for many years. Network Rail has suggested the railway sidings at Bescot could be the best location for the new factory that will make concrete sleepers for the railway industry. It is thought that the factory will secure around 100 jobs within the West Midlands area as well as make sure that Bescot is an important location for the national railway network.

Sleepers are an important part of the Railways and it is thought that the proposed factory in Sandwell will deliver 600,000 sleepers each year. This would make up 60% of Britain’s supply of sleepers if the plans go ahead. The other 40% of the sleeper supply will come from the Network Rail factory in Doncaster.

This project has been proposed in order deliver the commitment that has been made by Network Rail to be more cost effective and more efficient. It is thought that building a sleeper factory in Bescot that will be directly connected to the rail network will mean that it is quicker and easier to move the sleepers around Britain.

Bescot is a good place for the factory as it is at the centre of the rail network and will be able to provide sleepers for all over Britain. The new factory in this area will also renew Network Rail’s commitment to the economy in the West Midlands.

Network Rail are in discussions with the local council in order to carry out environmental assessments at the site of the proposed factory as well as looking at the impact of the factory on the surrounding area before. If these discussions go well, then Network Rail will start consulting the people in the local area as well as the stakeholders.

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