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Lincad Develops Multi-Channel Battery Conditioning System

Lincad Develops Multi-Channel Battery Conditioning System

Lincad, the privately-owned manufacturing company has been working for more than 30 years to design, create and supply a range of tailor made batteries, chargers and other power management solutions to their clients. Mainly, Lincad supplies their batteries, and other products for military applications, with their largest customer being the UK Ministry of Defence and UK Defence Primes.

The leading designer and manufacturer of military batteries has announced that they have developed a new multi-channel battery conditioning system. This new conditioning system has been designed so that it can comply with the current International Air Transport Association regulations. These regulations state that lithium-ion batteries that are transported by air can only be shipped at 30% state of charge or less. However, transporting batteries at a low charge in order to comply with regulation can lead to logistical issues for users with in-service battery fleets. The batteries used for these purposes may need to be stored fully charged or be in unknown states of charge after being used while carrying out operational activities.

The new multi-channel battery conditioning system has been designed by Lincad to be future proof and suitable to use for other types of transport, such as shipping. The new solution will also involve adherence to specific battery discharge requirements as well as complying to the best practice of the maritime sector.

The battery conditioning system will be available to purchase from early 2018 and delivers to their customers an easy solution for ensuring that the lithium-ion batteries used are in a suitable state for transport. The 6-channel 19 rack mount unit allows for the simultaneous yet individual conditioning of all battery types with a simple LED screen to displays. The easy to use conditioning system is powered through the use of a universal AC mains input. This means that they system can be installed in any given location to perform conditioning tasks and prepare the batteries for transport.

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