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First Stamco Ship to Have the Naval Dome System Installed

First Stamco Ship to Have the Naval Dome System Installed

Naval Dome’s Endpoint maritime cyber defence system has been successfully installed to a Piraeus-based Stamco Ship Management operated 57,692GT Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC). The vessel, chartered to Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines, is the first of 55 PCTCs under Stamco management scheduled to be protected by the award-winning multi-layered cyber defence solution.

“Our commitment to ship safety underpins the decision to protect our customers’ assets with the Naval Dome solution. We cannot underestimate the operational, financial and safety implications a cyber-related incident – whether by design or by default – would have on operations, especially given the high-value cargo our ships transport,” said Stamco’s head of operations.

“With Naval Dome we are better prepared to prevent any unauthorised access to our ships’ systems. A significant advantage of the Naval Dome Endpoint is that it protects our systems and our crews can go about their day-to-day duties without having to intervene,” he continued.

The first step was the preparatory work to tailor the Naval Dome Endpoint to suit the vessel’s specific systems and operational profile, followed by the installation, which only took an hour to complete during a scheduled port stay in Piraeus, Greece. Naval Dome will now prepare the bespoke technology for installation to the other vessels in the Stamco fleet.

“We are delighted that Stamco Ship Management has become one of the first ship management companies to take decisive steps to protect its fleet from cyber attack. The decision should encourage other ship managers to follow Stamco’s lead, since all systems onboard ships are not stand-alone components but a connected network of systems and machinery that can be protected by our technology,” commented Naval Dome Chief Technical Officer Asaf Shefi.

The installation coincided with the results from a BIMCO, Fairplay and ABS Advanced Solutions survey in which a high proportion (75%) of the individuals questioned worked for companies that had experienced a cyber-related incident in the last 12 months. It also revealed that half were affected by service disruption while a quarter of respondents’ companies suffered financial loss.

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