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Bulk Terminals Conference Focuses on Cyber Security


Bulk Terminals 2018, the Association of Bulk Terminal Operators’ annual conference that takes place this year in Hamburg, Germany, from the 23rd of October, will focus on improving bulk terminals’ cyber security.

“Cyber security and safety can be investment drivers for bulk terminal operators, and for good reason,” said ABTO Director, Simon Gutteridge. “Upping the industry’s ante in terms of cyber protection, following a number of hacking events, continues to be a priority for terminal operators. Bulk Terminals 2018 will address industry concerns and inform all stakeholders on what they need to do to be cyber safe.”

The cyber challenges that the industry faces along will be discussed in details with appropriate responses by Chris Gibson, Director of MCERT. He will explain how the MCERT initiative is bringing collaboration and innovation to the maritime sector by facilitating a 24×7 Cyber Emergency Response Team and providing proactive cyber intelligence alerts, expertise and training.

Furthemore, he will also explain why this industry leading approach and the capabilities provided by the MCERT is a call to bulk terminals sector to engage and help raise the bar when it comes to the evolving cyber agenda.

The security session, chaired by Andrew Huxley ACII, Regional Development Director, TT Club, will also explore regional security initiatives, such as the EU’s SAURON project and the disruptive impact cyber-related crime can have on terminal operations.

Other sessions at the conference include terminal environmental sustainability, with presentations from Capt. Richard Brough, OBE, Director, Technical Advisor, ICHCA International, Damen Green Solutions’ Philip Rabe, and Michael Gubbins, Vice President, CODELCO.

A key theme throughout the two-day conference is safe cargo handling, with Richard Steele, Executive Director, Ports Skills and Safety (PSS) assessing the hazards operators face when handling bulk cargoes and address ways of managing risks and generally improving the cargo handling performance.

“With an insightful overview of the sector’s near to mid-term prospects kickstarting the conference, together with a number of invaluable presentations on the main issues impacting terminal operations, we anticipate a very successful and well-attended Bulk Terminals 2018,” concluded Ian Adams, Chief Executive of the Association of Bulk Terminal Operators.

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