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Bostik Launches New Engineering and Repair Adhesives

Bostik launches new engineering and repair adhesives

Bostik, the adhesives solutions segment of Arkema, has launched a range of products including within its engineering adhesives portfolio, Born2Bond™, to provide an essential toolbox to support the marine industry in delivering sustainable repairs and manufacturing.

The new products come as boating manufacturers are switching from mechanical fasteners to adhesives and sealants to reduce overall boat weight, decrease material usage, further durability and encourage more sustainable assembly processes. A key driver, in addition to performance and efficiency, is to reduce overall environmental impact.

With a recently new and improved formulation, the Born2Bond™ Ultra one-part, Structural two-part and Light Lock dual-cure (light and surface) cyanoacrylate adhesives enable deck repair without the need to dismantle the deck area. This is especially useful when artificial teak decking wears and bubbles, as it facilitates quick, easy and clean repairs – without the need for replacement parts.

The solution forms a part of Born2Bond™’s instant adhesives range that features fast-curing and high-strength products with optimum moisture-, humidity- and chemical-resistant qualities, making them ideal for marine assembly and repairs. They are suitable for multiple substrates including metal, wood, leather, rubber, plastic composites and alloys.

Born2Bond™ anaerobic adhesives are ideal for fastening and sealing processes, including threadlocking, pipe sealing, gasketing and retaining, and offer a more reliable, convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional mechanical fastening, e.g. in pumps, compressors, engines, pipes & fittings, and masts assembly. The range also includes the widest-ever range of Not-CLP classified anaerobic adhesives, that do not carry hazard labels, significantly enhancing the safety and comfort of their use while reducing environmental impact.

Marine instruments and equipment, such as GPS modules, displays, antennas and electronics, require reliable assembly and sealing of enclosures to protect from elements and withstand incredibly challenging conditions where failure is not an option. Born2Bond™ high-performance HM-PUR adhesives provide highly durable structural bonding able to withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity and Born2Bond™ UV-CIPG gasketing products enable the production of waterproof products and ensure serviceability of assembled parts, providing ideal solutions for the specific challenges of marine environments.

Performance of the adhesives is also matched with convenience. Bostik’s MSR Construction Adhesive is now available in 100ml pressure packaging. The product is already used in yachting and well known for its applications in bonding and sealing without the need for pre-treatment, providing long-lasting solvent- and isocyanate-free adhesion that has robust UV- and water- resistance. The new pressurised cartridge enables smaller repairs to be carried out, both above and below the water line, without the need for any application tool.

Suitable for teak and artificial teak products, the new solvent-free Bostik Marocol PU 2D480 structural adhesive combines fast curing with a long open time (the period in which the user can apply the adhesive before starting the bonding process) of approximately 160 minutes. This adds greater flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Polivio Goncalves, Head of Engineering Adhesives at Bostik, says the products have been designed with easy, convenient and sustainable marine applications in mind:

“The products are must-haves for any yachting toolbox. They provide a flexibility, that when combined with ease of application and fast curing speeds, helps to accelerate assembly, maintenance and repair processes, and reduce downtime. This results in a more sustainable approach to replacement parts. Many of the featured products have been used and tested for assembly and repair of sailing boats participating in international races.”

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