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Valeo Service New Product Catalogue

Valeo Service New Product Catalogue

Valeo Service, the multi-specialist company working to serve auto manufacturers and the independent aftermarket has published their 2017/18 Clutch PC and LCV catalogue. The company works to deliver aftermarket channels around the worked with a wide range of car accessories, products and services. The company focuses on meeting the requirements of their clients while also ensuring the best possible safety, comfort and driver experience with their products.

The catalogue covers Valeo Service’s range of over 3,000 transmission products. Among the products featured in the catalogue arte clutch kits, DMF, passive hydraulic actuation and spare parts. The catalogue covers parts that can be used in a wide range of different vehicles, from the Mercedes A Class to the Citroen DS3 and Volkswagen Golf I. Valeo is known for delivering the widest range of clutch products for the European Car market.

Valeo delivers in excess of 300 new products every year, keeping the company at the forefront of the aftermarket parts suppliers. The business also works to deliver innovative new products such as the hydraulic CSC which has been created for sequential gearboxes, The Valeo Self-Adjusting Technology and the High Efficiency Clutch kits, all of which have been designed and developed with the aftermarket in mind.

The catalogue offers more than just a range of products, it also includes a list of vehicles and their specifications alongside tailored products and combinations which has been chosen to meet each vehicle’s configuration. All of Valeo’s aftermarket ranges that have been proposed and highlighted through a range of tailored pictograms that offer a range of tailor-made solutions for distributors and garagists to use as a reference for Valeo Service’s range of products.

The catalogue also features a high resolution pictures of the of the products on offer with front and rear views of the hydraulic actuation with fixing points and pipes that will allow potential customers to make the right product choice.

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